If thou wilt ease thine heart
Of love and all its smart,
Then sleep, dear, sleep;
And not a sorrow
Hang any tear on your eyelashes;
Lie still and deep,
Sad soul, until the sea-wave washes
The rim o’ the sun to-morrow,
In eastern sky.

But wilt thou cure thine heart
Of love and all its smart,
Then die, dear, die;
’Tis deeper, sweeter,
Than on a rose-bank to lie dreaming
With folded eye;
And there alone, amid the beaming
Of Love’s stars, thou’lt meet her
In eastern sky.

Thomas Lovell

4 comentários:

Porcelain Doll disse...

Sweet and deadly...

"Hang any tear on your eyelashes" - gostei da imagem.



su disse...

Achei este poema assim mesmo: delicioso ao mesmo tempo que poderoso! :)
Beijos grandes!

gracinda disse...

Heart/ Soul and "all its smart"

Sad/dark and beautiful.

Å®t Øf £övë disse...

Desejo-te um FELIZ 2010!!!